Mr. Martinez is the founding president and Chief Executive Officer of Stephens Associates, Inc. (1987 to present) based in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in New York and Dallas.

A native of New York, he received a B.S. degree from Niagara University in 1967 with graduate course work in business administration from New York University with special concentration in marketing and human psychology.

For twelve years, Mr. Martinez was associated with the Xerox Corporation (1969-1980) as an executive with operational responsibility in sales, marketing and product/program management.  He has extensive line and staff experience.

Additional business experience included Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, of a public environmental services company (1985-1986); Vice President, Partner of a national executive search firm (1983-1987); Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer of a public telecommunications company (1980-1983); Founder, Chief Operating Officer of a local area network company (1982).

His markets of expertise center around manufacturing; service and high technology industries to include aerospace; marine; energy; financial services; telecommunications; computer and electronics; industrial manufacturing and research technology.  Specific functions within these market segments include:

   v   Board of Directors

   v   Corporate Officers/General Management

   v   Sales and Marketing

   v   Operations/Engineering/Manufacturing

   v   Human Resources

   v   Finance/Accounting


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